Netflix docuseries Cleopatra accused of falsifying history
Netflix's upcoming drama series about Queen Cleopatra has sparked a lively debate among historians and Egyptian compatriots, both online and offline. The controversy stems from the casting of Adele James as the iconic ruler, a decision that has ignited heated discussions and divided opinions.
I'm not sure what Greek Cleopatra looked like after 300 years of Ptolemaic rule in Egypt, but to claim her lineage was African is crazy. Historical facts may not always be convenient, but falsifying them and taking the right to change what happened is crazy, and completely wrong.

If they want to make a movie about a black, female leader 2000 years ago, sure, make one up. But don't try to make humanity even more historyless, ignorant, and stupid than it already is by stealing and falsifying history!
So the last film (with Gal Gadot) was criticized because the actress was not black or Arab while this one is criticized because she is not white. Have I understood that correctly?
Whether the Egyptians like it or not. Egypt is in Africa. Egyptians are Africans. Cleopatra is the queen of Egypt. Which is an African country. If she wanted to be Greek then she should have been the Queen of Greek! The Queen of England was German. But everyone would class her as British. And so by that reasoning. Cleopatra is African.

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