Brickwall Limiter Settings For Mastering Output Ceiling Level

Brickwall Limiter Settings For Mastering Output Ceiling Level

In audio mastering "brickwall limiting" is the final process before releasing a song.

Every brickwall limiter or maximizer will have basic controls such as threshold, ceiling and release time.

It's not uncommon for some brickwall limiters to have extra controls such as attack time, auto release, look-ahead, oversampling, etc.

But in this post we will just focus on the "ceiling" parameter which is sometimes labeled as the "output" or "margin" on some brickwall limiters or maximizers.

▶ Brickwall Ceiling Settings

The purpose of a brickwall limiter's ceiling is that it sets the maximum level output that the audio peaks will never exceed unless inter-sample clipping occurs during conversion from an uncompressed Wav format to an MP3 or AAC.

The general guideline is to set your brickwall limiter's ceiling at -1.5 dB or -1 dB because that way you preserve your music from inter-sample clipping otherwise known as true peaks.

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