Charovedzera-Charovedzera Bveni Rakakwira Mawere Kwasviba

SN Proverb Charovedzera-Charovedzera Bveni Rakakwira Mawere Kwasviba

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"Charovedzera-charovedzera bveni rakakwira mawere kwasviba" is a Shona tsumo (proverb) which means when a person has done something over and over again the same process ends up being second nature to them.

For example, one could have a casual conversation with you whilst simultaneously working on an urgent project which is due tomorrow, but guess what? They actually started working on it as soon as you stepped into the building and they aren't nervous or anxious about the fast-approaching deadline. They sure know the task at hand is child's play -- it is already done!
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