It's a word that you kinda put before some verb so dat you flip whatever you saying and express it in the past tense. Another closely related word to did is ehn.

I thanked themMi did tengk dem
I walked to their houseMi did waak fi dem ous
I talked to them last weekMi did taak wid dem laas wik
I asked him (or her) the questionMi did ax im di kuestian

And so much more...

Example sentences​

Mi did fiil nais wen mi si di byuutiful sonset.

I felt nice when I saw the beautiful sunset.

Wi did deh wid di breddadem.

We was there with the homies.

Ef di nesiseri tuuldem nuh did deh, wi nuh wud bin fit kampliit di prajek pan taim.

If the necessary tools were not there, we would not have been able to complete the project on time.
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