A ferebritiy, in Zim slang, refers to a person who is primarily popular on social media (e.g. Facebook or Instagram) so much that if they go live they will garner a reasonable Zim social media audience.

However, if such a person was to walk down any random street in Zimbabwe they are likely to go unnoticed because their clout hasn't yet reached the level of being a traditional celebrity who is a household name that is known regardless of whether they have a social media account or not.

Note: it kinda appears as though the goal of some Zim ferebrities is to be mentioned amongst other already established famous Zim celebrities.

But the way many ferebrities do it is often uncouth, aggressive (tew much vawulence), and portray a constant struggle of desperate shock value entertainment. Other than that, there are some Zim ferebrities who stand up for good causes and to be honest, it's a very few of them who actually do charity work wholeheartedly without trying to put more points on the clout scoreboard—just saying.

Now a sverebrity, means a popular person who has at least intentionally published a sex tape predominantly for clout or has had one leaked to the masses although they will relentlessly pretend as if it was done without their approval, in other words, think of this as a publicity stunt to be famous by ginya ("by force, by fire").
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