means funeral.

Note: The formal chiShona words for a funeral are nhamo or mariro, and a person who is deceased is called mushakabvu whilst his or her dead body is called mutumbi or chitunha.

With that said, folks in the Republic of Zimbabwe attend funerals for different reasons. There are those who do so for the sole purpose of mourning. Then there is always a crowd of people who attend a funeral for free food and beer (mhamba or doro) and finally, some people will show up just to see what the deceased person's house actually looks like especially if he was a prominent businessperson. Yes, as trivial as that!

Example usage:​

Person X: "Ndakutorongedza izvozvi ndichamboenda kufinaz ndinodzoka vhiki rinotevera."

Person Y: "Nematambudziko, mufambe zvakanaka."
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