Goldmidi - Beefy 808s Drum Kit

Goldmidi - Beefy 808s Drum Kit 1.0

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"Beefy 808s Drum Kit” comes fully loaded with big fat and punchy 808 bass drums to spice up your music production needs.

It's mainly suited for Hip Hop/Rap music production but you can always use it in any genre of music you are into. The choice is yours to make.

Beefy 808s Drum Kit Artwork.png

This "TGM - Beefy 808s Drum Kit" contains bass drums only and nothing else!

Release Notes:
  • Title = 'Goldmidi – Beefy 808s Drum Kit'
  • Format = WAV format, 32-bit floating point
  • Contents = Twenty 808 bass drums
  • Size = Approx. 20 Mb (uncompressed)

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