means: "a ladies' man", "a playa", "a womanizer" (or a man wey get many babes).

Example sentences​

Almuos ebri singl miel daansaal aatis yuh kiah tingk fram di tap a fi yu ed did a liis buos dem a wan chruu gyallis.

Almost every single male dancehall artist you can think of from the top of your head has at least boasted they are a true player.

Shi bena disapaint fi fain out fi shi nyuu bwaifren wena jus neda gyallis.

She was disappointed to find out that her new boyfriend was just another womanizer.

Di gyalis kudn rizist swiit taakin wid ebri uman im met.

The philanderer couldn't resist sweet talking (or flirting) with every woman he met.

Di gyalis im pramis fi chienj im wiez, bot im pramisdem ben empti.

The playboy promised to change his ways, but his promises have been empty.

Som mandem demyah diez pon suoshal miidia waan fi puochrei demself rilieshanship guurudem; di nex minit gyalisdem an aal da. Bot mos a dem—fuckbwaidem a wah dem de wid sumaal dik eneji.

Some men these days on social media want to portray themselves as relationship gurus; the next minute as playboys and all that. But most of them—fuckboys is what they are with small dick energy.

A chruu gyallis neba go ax fi fagivnis kaaz di giem a di giem. Suh plie aan plieya.

A true player will never ask for forgiveness because the game's the game. So play on player.
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