How To Tune FL Studio To 432 Hz

Audio Engineering How To Tune FL Studio To 432 Hz

In Image-Line's FL Studio (DAW) you can change the master pitch of the project from 440 Hz to 432 Hz using the master pitch slider.

Some music producers may often utilize this feature if they want to make music in 432 Hz tuning instead of standard pitch tuning of 440 Hz.

When FL Studio master pitch is set to 432 Hz tuning this means note A4 will have a frequency pitch of 432 Hz. Consequently, an audio tuning plugin can be used to check if note A4 is playing at a pitch of 432 Hz.

However, if the master pitch in FL Studio is not tampered with after starting a new session. The note A4 will have a frequency pitch of 440 Hz and that's a standard tuning used by most musicians.

Setting FL Studio's Master Pitch to 432 Hz

In order to set the master pitch of FL Studio to 432Hz you first have to launch FL Studio and navigate towards Master Pitch slider. This slider control is located next to the master volume slider of FL Studio.

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After you have located the master pitch slider in FL Studio you have to bring it down by 32 cents. When the Master Pitch is brought down by 32 cents this will have FL Studio set to the tuning of 432 Hz.

Most noteworthy, you will need to hold down the CTRL key for a much fine accuracy when moving the master pitch slider. If not, this will result in abrupt changes and will eventually make it difficult to tune FL Studio to a master pitch of 432 Hz.

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Although some music producers will change the master pitch of FL Studio some just use the default 440Hz. In addition, most music producers are unbothered when it comes to different tuning standards.

432 Hz In FL Studio

Tuning FL Studio to 432 Hz may result in some plugins sounding out of key. You have to use discretion and make sure everything sounds perfectly fine with the rest of the other instruments.

If things end up sounding out of key when FL Studio is tuned to 432 Hz. Then it's best to identify the audio plugin which is not in the key and tune it separately.

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