or just "dora" means microphallus (a small lingham or micropenis) i.e., anything below an average length of 5 inches (12.70 centimeters).

Note: This word, kadora, is predominantly used by spiteful Zimbabwean women when throwing shade by referring to an oan's manhood as being too small (kapenzura kedofo, kabhiro kedofo, or kamboyo kadiki). Hence, the reference to madora, masodya, or mashonja ("mopane worms").

The antonym for kadora in the context of slang is mugodhi i.e., an extremely deep and wide borehole. Alternatively, some Zimbos (especially men) use the word zitsime i.e., wide water well. Anyways, that's that. You can always use your imagination to figure out the underlying meaning thereof.

Example usage:
"Haiwawo ibvapaa ndosaka une kadora, nxaaa! Kapenzura kedofo, hapana chinozivikanwa."

BTW, below is an image of mopane worms (amacimbi) in case some of y'all may be wondering what they look like.

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