This Shonglish expression means to be ahead of the curve and excel remarkably as a frontrunner at what you do so much that you become second to none.

Word breakdown​

Kuchi means "to". Master here means a dominant player. Chi means this. Gemhu means "game" (although when used in slang, a game refers to any business activity). Ichi means "this thing".


  • Kuchi master chinhu ichi
  • Kuchi master chi game ichi

Example sentences​

Wanga wave kuchi master chigemhu ichi, asi zvino wakuwanza papazi stereki ndosaka wakuporonga ma runnings.

You were getting really good at this but your problem now is you've too much speed (impatience) that's why you are now slacking at your grind.

Ndoona sokunge wamwe wanhu wawe kuda kuchi master chigemhu ichi, asi ndini ndoga badzi chitateguru chachona.

I've noticed that some people want to be key players in this field, but I'm the only one (a preeminent trailblazer) who is ahead of the curve.
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