kudyirwa musaga​

means to be in a transactional situationship wherein the person you are dealing with is unwilling to change the current status of your romantic entanglement to make it official for several reasons such as the following:
  • they are already engaged or married and they don't want their partner to find out
  • they aren't proud to be seen with you in public because you're probably a butterface
  • they don't want the world to know they are smashing someone's husband or wife
  • they don't want people to know that you have been sponsoring their lifestyle
  • they want to remain undercover, in the closet and wish to keep things that way
  • etc.
Note: Kudyirwa in formal chiShona language means either "to be eaten," "exploited," or "to be two-timed," whilst musaga means "inside the sack". Therefore, a literal translation of this phrase into English is quite frankly, "to be eaten inside the sack". But that's not how the expression is used though. I think you get what I'm tryna say, lmao.
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