means to be extremely pompous about your material possessions or achievements, e.g., professional qualifications, marriage status, awards, the car you drive, the size of the house you own, and all that jazz.

This often happens on suoshal miidia—and I personally don't have a problem with it, I honestly don't mind—but some folks suggest people should humble themselves (kuzvininipisa). I guess what they don't get—I mean the older generation, in particular—is that faking a soft life on sosho miidia can sometimes get you brand deals if you manage your account correctly. Consequently, you may end up making good money when you make deals in regard to sponsored posts as you promote their products and services.

Note: Yes, above I mentioned "marriage status" because there are some people who are excessively too proud to be married (vanhu vano ganza kuita imba or muchato) i.e., particularly women and this is mostly a result of cultural expectations or religious pressure to settle down at least before your 40s. And above that point, people may start to suspect something is seriously wrong with you.

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Kuzvinzwa shuga​
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