kuma avenues​

means a red light district area where ladies of the night come out in full force during business hours and that's roughly from 9 p.m. to say about 1 a.m. somewhere around there.

Note: Sex work in Zimbabwe is currently illegal (i.e., at this time of writing) and there aren't any means of regulation like it is done in other countries all over the world. And for this reason, thigh vendors are not at full liberty to operate anywhere they like with guaranteed maximum peace and tranquility. So occasionally some ladies of the night actually end up getting apprehended by ZRP for not following and respecting the law of Zimbabwe.

Furthermore, thigh vendors also mark their own territory e.g. a specific corner of the street and if a newbie in the game tries to operate there, then be sure war will erupt without any delay or warning.

Some thigh vendors are now embracing sosho media (especially Instagram and Snapchat) where they can post thirst traps to lure potential clients or stay in touch with regular returning customers.
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