kuma dale-dale​

means a posh suburb area where rich and wealthy people live enjoying a comfortable luxurious lifestyle without any pressure whatsoever from povho ("people of various opinions"). For example, some of the high-density areas in the Republic of Zimbabwe are Avondale, Borrowdale Brooke, Helensvale, Mount Pleasant, Highlands, Gletwin Park, etc.


the antonym of kuma dale-dale is rokesheni, which refers to poor high-density areas or simply the ghetto where the less fortunate try as much as they can just to get by from day to day. For example, some of the low-density areas in the Republic of Zimbabwe consist of places like Highfields (Fiyo), Mbare (kuMagaba), Mufakose (Mfombi), Mabvuku, Tafara, Mabelreign (Mebhazi), etc.

Other synonyms for kuma dale-dale are:
  • kuma yard
  • kuma sabhabha


Person X: "Vagere zvavo vekuma dale-dale, kunotanzwa nehon'azi veku rokesheni."

Person Y: "Shuwa, uno looka healthy sei iyo kanzuru ichivhara vhati apa dhabuka dang?"
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