means to spend something, particularly money.

Example usage:​

Dat man du yahoo-yahoo, ahn wid soch belly laik dat, u riili deh biliib ahn taat e nuh go laviish moni bilong yu? Kyaahn yu si im big belly don swallow nof tings fah im fi liib a saft laif?

That man is into scamming, and with a stomach like that, you honestly believed and thought he wasn’t going to scam you? Can't you see that his huge stomach has swallowed so many—or a lot of—things for him to be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle (or soft life)?

Di liedi uoba deh shi nuh dey lob di man shi wid. Shi go laviish fi im moni ahn liib im fi anoda chriik bikos das har muuvmant.

That lady over there doesn't love the man she is with. She is only going to spend his money and leave him for another trick because that's how she roles.
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