means: "man"

Yeah, this is somewhat news at 11. Below are some examples though.

Example sentences​

Di likl bwai did luk op a di taal man.

The little boy looked up at the tall man.

Di man did glad fi si im uol brejrin.

The man was delighted to see his old friend.

Ebri man fi wok fi wah im waan.

Every man ought to work for what he wants.

Mandem aafn wier suutdem fi faamal iventdem.

Men often wear suits to formal events.

Mandem dey pon abrij taala dan umandem.

Men are on average taller than women.

Man an uman dem av difrahn fiziolajikal pruosesdem.

Men and women have different physiological processes.

A wah mek wan poersn a likl-man?

What makes a person a man-child?

Likl-man biyevia a wah mi ben pree pon im.

Man child behavior is what I have observed in him.


It's pronounced as [ maan ] and not [ mohn ] neither is it spelled as mahn or mon.
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