Muchero Wesango Hauvimbwe Nawo

SN Proverb Muchero Wesango Hauvimbwe Nawo

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~ muchero wesango hauvimbwe nawo ~

Dis miin yu shudn tun a slay queen or a blessee into a housewife expecting har tu swiftly reform herself fram har usual lifestyle.

Di siem ting apply iina di contass af women wey nuo ebri well beforehand fi-dem man git dong wid im harem fram taim fi taim.

Obviously, im bilang fi di skreet-dem, bot im go bi bak home shortly suh bi patient, sweetheart. Soon e go bi yuh tun, yu nuo.

The second meaning of this proverb is that you shouldn't put so much hope into a material object, an intellectual idea, or something which isn't rightfully yours, thinking you will be able to utilize it to its full capacity when tomorrow comes.

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