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"Mumhanzi" in Shona means 'music,' but this word doesn't clearly expagorate which particular genre of music in question is being discussed. So it is often used as a general umbrella term.

If you want to talk about a specific genre of music in Shona you'd say "musambo weX-genre."

For example, where it's written above as "X-genre" all you have to do is input whatever style of music you are referring to.

Like so, musambo weZimdancehall, musambo weZim Hip Hop, musambo weSungura, musambo weAfrobeat, etc.

Below is a Shona vocabulary related to music production, songwriting, music business, and music publishing:
  • Music industry = Indasitiri yemimhanzi
  • Music business = Bhizimusi remimhanzi
  • Music publishing = Bhizimusi rekunyorwa kwenziyo
  • Singer = Muimbi
  • Rapper = Muimbi
  • Ghostwriter = Munyori wenziyo or Chipoko chenziyo
  • Songwriter = Munyori wenziyo
  • Song or single = Nziyo
  • Studio album = Dambarefu
  • Extended-Play album = Dambapfupi
  • Long-Play album = Dambarefu
  • Master or sound recording copyright = Chivakwa chemumhanzi or Pfumi yemimhanzi
  • Music publishing copyright = Chivakwa chenziyo or Pfumi yenziyo
  • Record label = Kambani yemimhanzi
  • Music publishing company = Kambani yenziyo
  • Standard record deal = Chibvumirano mubhizimusi remimhanzi
  • 360 record contract = Chibvumirano chizere munezvese
  • Mechanical royalties = Madhora ekushandiswa kwemumhanzi
  • Music publishing royalties = Madhora evanyori venziyo
  • Music video = Vhidhiyo (or vhidhiyo yemumhanzi)
  • Record label advance money = Chikwereti chemabasa emumhanzi or Chimbadzo chemabasa emumhanzi

Additional Notes:

"Chivakwa" in Shona means building or property. But in this context, I am talking about intellectual property.

"Chibvumirano chizere munezvese" means you have agreed to the terms and conditions, so until you fulfill your contract you now owe the record company money in A, B, C, D, etc. revenue streams at a rate of X percentage. In simple English, the more money you make, the more you owe them.

"Chimbadzo chemabasa wemumhanzi" means you owe the record label X amount that they recently spent on your project or gave you earlier on but you probably squandered all that money. Well, they are in the same business as loan sharks except for them it's perfectly legal.

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