1: to be buck naked

2: an image or a video that shows people engaging in erotic stuff (i.e., kumbulabulushula)

Example sentence for 1​

Vakawanikwa vari musvo mubhedhirumu mushure mukunge vapera simba nekuzipigwa nebota.

They were found buck naked in the bedroom after they had been exhausted from coitus.

Examples sentence for 2​

Vakarekodha musvo wavo vachipondana ndokuuisa pawebhu kuti ruzhinji ruwonewo.

They recorded their homemade video and shared it on the internet so that people can see.

Related terms for musvo

Blue movie*Muriwo, *nyama, pono, *mabhakings, *musvombolimbo, *sombonyo
Buck naked personMupunu, mupushu
Cammodel, erotic performer*Musvorologist

An asterisk (*) indicates that the word is used as part of Zim slang but not something you'd normally say in a formal setting because it's, er, self-explanatory. I think you know what I mean.
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