Mwanasikana Ndimapfumise

SN Proverb Mwanasikana Ndimapfumise

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"Mwanasikana ndimapfumise" is a Shona tsumo (proverb) which means a daughter has the potential to make her family rich if she marries up in a calculated hypergamy fashion and also due to Zimbabwe's African customary marriage where a bride price (roora) is expected to be paid.

Of course, this Shona tsumo is quite frankly a controversial subject to some audiences.

It portrays one of the reasons certain people advocate that the whole entire roora (or lobola) tradition should be abolished because they interpret it as a custom of treating offspring as property to be sold off later on.

In reality, this tsumo is more likely to be fulfilled if the daughter in question is actually a mbama, to begin with.

Because if she is an average plain Jane the chances of attracting a wealthy man to pay huge sums in roora are very, very slim. Unless she has clout in something, on that note maybe, who knows?

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