this is a synonym of ngochani — both these words id est ngito, or ngochani describe sexual orientations of either being gay, bisexual (dhidhiologist), or lesbian only.

Note: In chiShona language, there aren't formal descriptive words that directly translate to other sexualities such as pansexual, demisexual, androsexual, biromantic, libidoist asexual, skoliosexual, etc. This is why you may notice the word ngochani being frequently used by some Zimbos as an umbrella term for any other sexuality that is not heterosexual.

However, doing so creates a sticky situation on how to address other LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP folks without deliberately trying to be rude when speaking in chiShona language. Because as some of you might know, there are people who don't want to be called X if they identify as Y.

For example, calling someone ngochani yet they identify themselves as an asexual genderfluid trans male or female. It would perhaps be more appropriate if they only identify themselves as either gay, bisexual, or lesbian.

Example usage:​

"MuZimbabwe hamusati mave nemutemo wema LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP rights. Saka ngito dzese dzinogara muZimbabwe hadzisati dzave kubvumidzwa kuroorana nekuchata sezvinoitwa kuSouth Africa nedzimwe nyika."
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