Reveal Sound Spire Monophonic Modes - Legato and Portamento

Reveal Sound Spire Monophonic Modes - Legato and Portamento

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Reveal Sound Spire monophonic modes can be a little bit confusing to people using the software synthesizer for the first time.

Apparently there is a wide range of choices when it comes to this different portamento and legato articulation modes such as:
  • Mono 1 = Portamento Re-trigger
  • Mono 2 = Legato Re-trigger
  • Mono 3 = Portamento Flow
  • Mono 4 = Legato Flow
In some synthesizers, there is usually a simple legato/portamento switch that most people are accustomed to. But with Reveal Sound Spire that's not the case.

Reveal Sound Spire Monophonic Modes 01 (Init).png

Now let's first discuss the portamento modes in Reveal Sound Spire. After that, we can move on to talk about the legato modes.

Mono 1: in Reveal Spire VST means that the pitch will always glide to the new note since the envelope is re-triggered. So if you want your notes to always glide then select Mono 1 in Reveal Sound Spire.

Reveal Sound Spire Monophonic Modes 02 (Mono_1).png

For example, with Mono 1 when you press note C followed by note G the pitch will always glide from C to G. The time is takes is controlled by the glide knob.

"What's important to remember when using Spire is that Mono 1 and Mono 3 are your usual portamento. However, keep in mind that in Spire these two modes sound slightly different from each other."

▶ Mono 3: is basically the same as Mono 1 which are both portamento modes. The only difference is that with Mono 3 the envelopes are only re-triggered when the previous note has been released followed by a new note.

Reveal Sound Spire Monophonic Modes 03 (Mono_3).png

Mono 2: is the same legato effect you would expect in other synthesizers. The notes only glide when they overlap over each other. If you play staccato notes there won't be any gliding effect.

Reveal Sound Spire Monophonic Modes 04 (Mono_2).png

"In order to get that gliding sound you just have to hold down two notes at the same time. As a result, the glide time determines how long it takes for the pitch to move on up."

Mono 4: is pretty much the same as Mono 2. The difference lies in how the envelopes are triggered. In Mono 4 envelopes are triggered when a note is first played and only re-triggered when the note has been released and a new note is played.

Reveal Sound Spire Monophonic Modes 05 (Mono_4).png

In conclusion, if you want to keep things simple when using Reveal Sound Spire. You just have to remember that Mono 1 will give you that generic portamento sound. On the other hand, Mono 2 will result in your usual legato sound.

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