means: "respect"

Example sentences​

Fi yu piknidem dem nah rispek wi.

Your children they don't respect us.

Rispek a di foundieshan a heni soxesful rilieshanship.

Respect is the foundation of any successful relationship.

Aal chrii unu put som rispek pon mi niem.

All three y'all put some respect on my name.

Rispek a di koransi a di waiz.

Respect is the currency of the wise.

Di abiliti fi rispek ada piipl pospektiv an aidia, iibn wen fi dem aidiadem difa fram fi wi uon, a wan a di isenshal kompuonent a intilekchal yuumiliti an a vaital paat a poersnal gruot.

The ability to respect other people's perspectives and ideas, even when their ideas differ from our own, is an essential component of intellectual humility and a vital part of personal growth.
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