roora squad​

these are bridesmaids at a traditional wedding, or in other words, a group of ladies who accompany a woman (muroora) who is about to be traditionally married at her official lobola ceremony (i.e. also known as either rovora or roora ceremony).

Note: roora is a traditional practice in Zimbabwe where a son-in-law (mukwasha) is required to pay a certain sum of money called either rusambo, matsvagirano, or rugaba to his father-in-law (vatezvara) and to also show appreciation to his mother-in-law (vamwene) by meeting her demands on that day as well.

However, on the contrary, some financially stable women in Zimbabwe marry themselves (kuzviroora), as it were, which means instead of a man using his own money to marry her—she's the one who will quite frankly fund all lobola costs without people being aware of it because from a Zimbabwean cultural perspective, it's rather embarrassing to make it public knowledge, well at least for now, perhaps in future things dey go change.

Rovora squad​
Lobola squad​
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