Rwaivhi Kufamba Zvishoma Asi Shungu Dziripo

SN Proverb Rwaivhi Kufamba Zvishoma Asi Shungu Dziripo

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"Rwaivhi kufamba zvishoma asi shungu dziripo" is a Shona tsumo (proverb) which means when a weaker person whether from a physical perspective or from a financial standpoint is verbally abused, legally threatened, assaulted, etc. They tend not to do much about it but remain quiet.

However, their silence doesn't mean they don't feel like launching a counterattack.

It is because they realize soon enough the person who rubbed them the wrong way has either enough monetary resources to make sure they are thoroughly dealt with or they have bigger muscles to give them a second round of rumamiso (K.O. lights out).

Below is a similar Shona proverb:
  • Zongororo kugonya haro asi shungu rinadzo.
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