means: "search"

Example sentences​

Saach injindem a yuuz pon web brouzadem fi saach fi tingz.

Search engines are used in web browsers to search for things.

Guugl saach a fi yu fren.

Google search is your friend.

Taip di websait ajres pon di saach bax.

Type the website address in the search box.

Mek mi si fi yu saach ischri. Oh, yuh duon waan fi shou mi?

Let me see your search history. Oh, you don't wan't to show me?

Mi did saach mi main an eh-fain da mi bende stil a likl kanfyuus.

I searched my mind and found that I was still a little confused.

Mek mi saach fi shi pruofail pon Instagram.

Let me search for her profile on Instagram.
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