Zim Slang T.I.C.

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"T.I.C." in Zim slang means "total-internal-confusion" and is often used in the context of going into an exam not knowing exactly what on earth you are doing there.

One of the major reasons is that you did not have enough time to meditate before the exam (*I will explain this shortly) or your lecturer surprised you with a random test out of nowhere.

Note: *to mediate before an exam means to perform the same ritual of lighting up a thick joint before writing an exam.

How this works is: when cramming under intense meditation, you are also supposed to walk into an upcoming exam at the same level as you were studying, lest T.I.C. blesses you with a big fat F (Fail).

In summary, the cure of T.I.C. is a little bit of THC.

Disclaimer: I personally don't condone the above-stated material. This is for educational purposes only.
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