vana vapapa​

this is a catch-all pejorative phrase used to describe church members who never question their cultic self-styled prophets. All they seem to do on a regular basis, especially on social media is defend their self-anointed Papa (or church founder) often with a repetitive response that a man of God can never be wrong.

If you continue to present your arguments politely they become even more aggressive. It's as though their Papa is more important than Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Yesu) himself. Anyway, in the Republic of Zimbabwe, this would be followers of either:

Name of ProphetName of Church (or Ministry)
Prophet Passion Java (born Panganai Java)Prophet Passion Java (Kingdom Embassy)
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa (born Shingirai Chirume)United Family International Church (UFIC)
Prophet Walter MagayaProphetic Healing Deliverance Ministries (P.H.D.)
Prophet Edd BransonJesus Generation International Ministries


For example, at one point in Zimbabwe Prophet Walter Magaya of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance made headlines about his Aguma Onco HIV/AIDS herbal treatment. It's often said there is no such thing as bad publicity perhaps he got what he wanted with his snake oil make-believe medicine.

However, the aforementioned self-styled prophets are quite frankly not as delusional or for a lack of better words, in the same league as yours truly Prophet Talent Madungwe aka Daniel Remnant.

The Heaven Army Commander id est Prophet Talent Madungwe as he likes to call himself is very special, no pun intended.

But you ought to get familiar with his self-aggrandizement because this is a mortal man who claims that Genius 'Ginimbi' Kadungure failed to make it to Heaven when he passed away. So he's burning in Hell according to him.

The point is, if you value your time and/or sanity, then under no circumstances should you engage in a discussion with vana vaPaPa. A common objective they all share is to silence dissent.
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