means: "wave"

Example sentences​

Wievi Wenzde.

Wavy Wednesday.

Wievdem duon dai.

Waves don't die.

Nyuu wiev myuuzik.

New wave music.

Wiev yuh han.

Wave your hand.

Di kompini Wievz Aadio Limitid it mek wuoliip profeshanal aadio saafwier ifek an inschrument dem. Wan a fi dem papiula prodokdem a di Salid Stiet Lagik bonggl.

The company Waves Audio Limited it makes lots of professional audio software effects and instruments. One of their popular products is the Solid State Logic bundle.

Di kroud eh-wiev fi dem palmdem ina yunizn.

The crowd waved their hands in unison.

Yuh haffi kiip im wievi.

You gots to keep it wavy.
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