432 hz

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  1. Goldmidi

    Audio Engineering How To Tune FL Studio To 432 Hz

    In Image-Line's FL Studio (DAW) you can change the master pitch of the project from 440 Hz to 432 Hz using the master pitch slider. Some music producers may often utilize this feature if they want to make music in 432 Hz tuning instead of standard pitch tuning of 440 Hz. When FL Studio master...
  2. Numero Uno

    432 Hz Conspiracy?

    What's reason for 432 Hz conspiracy?
  3. Numero Uno

    What's The Obsession Of Making Music In 432 Hz Tuning

    Can some of ya'll explain what's the whole deal behind this 432 Hz frequency tuning that some music producers have. Why do people assume making music in 432 Hz tuning in FL Studio will miraculously improve your sound?