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    admin Locked threads

    When a thread is closed new replies can not be posted. Threads are generally locked if they are too old ("outdated") or if further replies aren't worthwhile depending on the nature of the subject material. For example, threads that have the potential to be controversial, disseminate...
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    admin Off-Topic Rules

    Please be advised this "Off-topic Forum" is meant for anything that falls into chit-chat conversations. You should always use discretion and avoid discussions such as, but not limited to: Software piracy (including but not limited to warez, torrents, cracking, etc.) Adult, pornographic, or...
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    admin Community Rules

    We have very simple community rules here that you are supposed to follow: Don't flame, troll, or post disruptively, and don't encourage such behavior. Don't victimize others and avoid discriminatory language. Don't discuss any illegal activities (e.g. torrents, warez, hacking, piracy, etc)...