audio mastering

  1. Bla Jedza

    General What's The Best Settings For FabFilter Pro-L Mastering Limiter?

    What would y'all recommend as a general-purpose go to best settings for FabFilter Pro-L VST mastering limiter?
  2. Numero Uno

    General Audio Mixing, Mastering and The Fibonacci Sequence?

    What are best EQ and compression settings to use as frequency starting points based on the Fibonacci sequence (by Leonardo Pisano Bigollo)?
  3. Goldmidi

    Audio Engineering Pro Audio FAQ: What Are Midfield Monitors?

    Pro audio speakers classified as "midfield monitors" are a different breed from "nearfield monitors", in the sense that they are designed to be used in situations where you are at least 2 meters to about 4 meters away from the speaker. Being too close to a midfield monitor setup defeats the...
  4. Goldmidi

    What Are Audio Stems In Audio Production?

    Music "audio stems" are just a way of organizing multiple mix elements grouped together as one unit according to specific sound categories. You can create stems in your DAW (digital audio workstation) by using group channels (also known as either aux channels, bus or buss mixer channels etc)...
  5. Goldmidi

    Audio Engineering What Amount Of Headroom Should You Reserve For Audio Mastering?

    The amount of headroom you should reserve before mastering music after audio mixing is subjective. What matters the most is to avoid hard clipping i.e. making sure you are not going over 0 dBFS on the master fader. However, some sound engineers may recommend having your final mix peaking at -6...
  6. Goldmidi

    Why Do Brickwall Mastering Limiters Sound Different?

    The main reason why software brickwall mastering limiters sound different is because of proprietary "ALGORITHMS" used by the developer. You can think of algorithms as different styles of approach which are meant to process audio with the motive of handling different program material. For...
  7. Borrowdale Barron

    What Audio Formats Are Supported By Soundcloud?

    What type of audio formats are supported by Soundcloud music streaming service?
  8. Borrowdale Barron

    Why Does Music Sound Different On Soundcloud?

    What's the underlying reason music sounds different when uploaded to Soundcloud online music streaming platform?
  9. Goldmidi

    How Loud Should The Bass Be In A Hip Hop Mix?

    The technique of "mixing kick and bass" is often a common struggle that beginners are prone to deal with on a constant basis. This is mainly because beginners fail to understand that for particular genres of music the listener is not used to hearing so much bass in the song. Instead they do the...
  10. Goldmidi

    General What's The Difference Between dBFS And dBTP?

    In digital audio workstations dBFS ("decibels relative to full scale") and dBTP ("decibels relative to true peak") are both units of audio measurements used in the digital domain but they aren't interchangeable with each other. The difference is that "dBFS" refers to the highest level at which...
  11. Goldmidi

    What's A 2-Pole Filter And A 4-Pole Filter?

    To understand what is meant by the terms 2-pole filter and a 4-pole filter, you first need to know is that the word "pole" in the context of filters refers to a 6 dB per octave roll off. This means a 2-pole filter = 12 dB/octave slope and that's because 6 dB x 2 = 12 dB. Furthermore, a 4-pole...
  12. Goldmidi

    What's The Difference Between Maximizers And Mastering Limiters?

    In the context of "audio mastering plugins" there is NO difference between audio plugins referred to as "maximizers" and those known as "brickwall limiters". The contrast is that some developers simply decide to name these digital audio processors as maximizer's whilst some may settle for the...
  13. Goldmidi

    Why Are Linear-Phase EQs Considered To Be Transparent?

    In audio processing "linear-phase EQs" do not necessarily alter the phase of the input audio during processing and subsequently the output audio isn't colored that's why linear-phase EQs are sometimes used for audio mastering purposes. Contrary to linear-phase EQs you have your generic...
  14. Goldmidi

    Brickwall Limiter Settings For Mastering Output Ceiling Level

    In audio mastering "brickwall limiting" is the final process before releasing a song. Every brickwall limiter or maximizer will have basic controls such as threshold, ceiling and release time. It's not uncommon for some brickwall limiters to have extra controls such as attack time, auto...
  15. Goldmidi

    Should You Use Image-Line's Maximus Or Fruity Limiter For Mastering Music?

    Yes, you can use both Image-Line Maximus or Fruity Limiter at the same time for your mastering needs. This is what you would refer to as your mastering chain where the signal goes from Image-Line's Fruity Limiter to Maximus or vice-versa. If you like to keep things simple and straight-forward...
  16. Goldmidi

    What Is A Look-Ahead Limiter?

    The term "look-ahead" in the context of dynamic processors refers to how the audio plugin will delay the signal e.g. 1 ms or more, for the sake of implementing the process of analyzing the incoming audio material. And once the brickwall limiter analyzes the input signal the plugin will know...
  17. Goldmidi

    Audio Aliasing Explained

    The misdentification of a signal frequency in music production otherwise known as "audio aliasing" is a signal processing term which refers to sampling errors which occur when a signal has a wider spectral content than what a "Digital Audio Workstation" (DAW) can work with. The maximum...
  18. Goldmidi

    Oversampling Explained

    Well, in digital audio oversampling is a technique of signal processing which helps Analog-to-Digital/Digital-to-Analog converters and also audio plugins to be more accurate by reducing the level of artifacts caused by aliasing distortion. The task of oversampling is done by sampling a signal...
  19. Goldmidi

    Is A Music Production Course Necessary To Be A Music Producer?

    Although music production courses maybe useful to people who have absolutely no clue about making music, it's worth noting these courses are more like a hit or miss type of thing. Most of the stuff taught at audio engineering schools and so forth; it's already there on platforms like YouTube...
  20. Goldmidi

    What Are FL Studio Tutorials?

    FL Studio tutorials are educational video material about using Image-Line's digital audio workstation in the lines of music production, sound design, sound engineering, and audio mastering. Newbie music producers often start with "FL Studio beginner tutorials" and later on proceed with time...