audio mixing

  1. Scorpio

    General A Quick Guide To Panning Drums -- Audience vs Drummer's Perspective

    Whether you like panning your drums in an audience or drummer's perspective just make it sound good already. It's all that really matters at the end of the day. The rest of the talk is subjective opinions — a case of different tastes. To those of you who aren't familiar with the audience or...
  2. Bla Jedza

    Question Panning Hi-Hats In FL Studio?

    What's the best approach when panning Hi-Hats in FL Studio?
  3. Numero Uno

    General Audio Mixing, Mastering and The Fibonacci Sequence?

    What are best EQ and compression settings to use as frequency starting points based on the Fibonacci sequence (by Leonardo Pisano Bigollo)?
  4. Bla Jedza

    Question High-Pass and Low-Pass Filter On Zimdancehall Vocals?

    What are good mixing settings when using either a high-pass filter or a low-pass filter on Zimdancehall vocals?
  5. Goldmidi

    What Are Audio Stems In Audio Production?

    Music "audio stems" are just a way of organizing multiple mix elements grouped together as one unit according to specific sound categories. You can create stems in your DAW (digital audio workstation) by using group channels (also known as either aux channels, bus or buss mixer channels etc)...
  6. Goldmidi

    Audio Engineering What Amount Of Headroom Should You Reserve For Audio Mastering?

    The amount of headroom you should reserve before mastering music after audio mixing is subjective. What matters the most is to avoid hard clipping i.e. making sure you are not going over 0 dBFS on the master fader. However, some sound engineers may recommend having your final mix peaking at -6...
  7. Scorpio

    What Is "LCR Panning" Technique In Sound Engineering?

    In sound engineering "LCR panning" is a technique of placing individual instruments in a mix dead center or far wide. That is, either panning audio tracks 100% on the left channel or 100% on the right channel. N.B. LCR panning is short for "Left-Center-Right panning." Moving forward, some...
  8. Borrowdale Barron

    What Audio Formats Are Supported By Soundcloud?

    What type of audio formats are supported by Soundcloud music streaming service?
  9. Borrowdale Barron

    Why Does Music Sound Different On Soundcloud?

    What's the underlying reason music sounds different when uploaded to Soundcloud online music streaming platform?
  10. Goldmidi

    How Loud Should The Bass Be In A Hip Hop Mix?

    The technique of "mixing kick and bass" is often a common struggle that beginners are prone to deal with on a constant basis. This is mainly because beginners fail to understand that for particular genres of music the listener is not used to hearing so much bass in the song. Instead they do the...
  11. Goldmidi

    General What's The Difference Between dBFS And dBTP?

    In digital audio workstations dBFS ("decibels relative to full scale") and dBTP ("decibels relative to true peak") are both units of audio measurements used in the digital domain but they aren't interchangeable with each other. The difference is that "dBFS" refers to the highest level at which...
  12. Goldmidi

    What's A 2-Pole Filter And A 4-Pole Filter?

    To understand what is meant by the terms 2-pole filter and a 4-pole filter, you first need to know is that the word "pole" in the context of filters refers to a 6 dB per octave roll off. This means a 2-pole filter = 12 dB/octave slope and that's because 6 dB x 2 = 12 dB. Furthermore, a 4-pole...
  13. Goldmidi

    Why Are Linear-Phase EQs Considered To Be Transparent?

    In audio processing "linear-phase EQs" do not necessarily alter the phase of the input audio during processing and subsequently the output audio isn't colored that's why linear-phase EQs are sometimes used for audio mastering purposes. Contrary to linear-phase EQs you have your generic...
  14. Goldmidi

    How To Fade Out A Beat In FL Studio (DAW)

    The simplest way to fade out your beat (i.e instrumental) or song in Image-Line's FL Studio is to automate the master fader volume slider. But it's highly NOT advised to create automation clips using the master fader because this can result in "hard clipping" if you make a minor mistake of...
  15. Goldmidi

    What Does "Level Your Beats" Mean?

    The meaning behind the process of "leveling your beats" is just synonymous with the idea of "gain staging" before mixing your music or instrumental. A simple way to level a beat is by identifying the main building block in the song and start gain staging from there. For instance, your starting...
  16. Goldmidi

    Mixing Kick And Bass

    The process of mixing kick and bass should always start with the vision of whether you want your bass to sound fat or whether you want your kick drum to sound lean. Unfortunately mixing is a give and take process of technical art. This is why it makes sense to decide beforehand what's going to...
  17. Goldmidi

    Fairchild 670 Compressor Attack and Release Times

    The Fairchild 670 compressor is a well-known vintage stereo limiter that was released way back in the 1950s by Fairchild Recording Equipment Corporation. The Fairchild 670 compressor's attack and release times are controlled by the switch labeled "time-constant" and those settings are as...
  18. Goldmidi

    Audio Mastering: RMS Levels For Hip Hop Music

    The average RMS level for mastering commercial Hip Hop songs varies between the range of -7 dB RMS and -8 dB RMS particularly for mainstream releases. However, it may be much better to reference loudness using LUFS instead of RMS. Either way, it's not uncommon for some tracks to have an...
  19. Goldmidi

    What's The Difference Between Reverb And Delay Effects In Music Production?

    The main difference between reverb and delay is that we can think of delay as a repeated signal that's held in the audio buffer for a few milliseconds and finally mixed with the original signal. On the other hand, reverb is an ambiance of a room made up of a numerous echoes packed closely...
  20. Goldmidi

    Audio Engineering How To Mix In Mono In FL Studio (DAW)

    Mixing in mono is definitely a good thing to make sure your music translates well to all kinds of listening environments and there are various ways you can mix in mono inside Image-Line's FL Studio DAW. Step 1: You can switch a mixer track to mono using Image-Line's FL Studio's integrated...