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  1. Goldmidi

    What Are Audio Stems In Audio Production?

    Music "audio stems" are just a way of organizing multiple mix elements grouped together as one unit according to specific sound categories. You can create stems in your DAW (digital audio workstation) by using group channels (also known as either aux channels, bus or buss mixer channels etc)...
  2. Goldmidi

    Foldback Distortion Explained

    Before you understand how foldback distortion works you need to have a basic knowledge about audio distortion. Of course, there several types of audio distortion but in this case let's focus on "hard-clipping distortion" to keep things simple. In the digital domain, hard-clipping distortion is...
  3. Goldmidi

    What's The Difference Between 32-bit And 64-bit Audio Plugins?

    The non-technical and simple explanation you need to know about the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit audio plugins is that 64-bit audio plugins provide better performance compared to 32-bit audio plugins. 64-bit plugins can access greater amounts of memory (RAM), whilst 32-bit audio plugins...
  4. Goldmidi

    What Is A Look-Ahead Limiter?

    A look-ahead limiter is just a fancy name used interchangeably with software "mastering brickwall limiters" or "digital maximizers" (i.e VST Plugins). The term "look-ahead" in the context of dynamic processors such as a brickwall limiter simply refers to how the audio plugin will add a tiny...
  5. Goldmidi

    Oversampling Explained

    Well, in digital audio oversampling is a technique of signal processing which helps Analog-to-Digital/Digital-to-Analog converters and also audio plugins to be more accurate by reducing the level of artifacts caused by aliasing distortion. The task of oversampling is done by sampling a signal...
  6. Goldmidi

    How To Stop 808s From Overlapping In FL Studio (DAW)

    The muffled sound of overlapping 808s in Image-Line's FL Studio (Digital Audio Workstation) is often caused by a series of notes played consecutively. However, this issue can be resolved by using FL Studio's "Cut itself" channel rack menu option which forces previous notes to be automatically...
  7. Goldmidi

    The Difference Between Normalizing Audio and Hard Limiting Explained

    The process of "normalizing audio" isn't the same as using a "brickwall limiter" on the master bus. In fact, when you normalize audio this will make the loudest part of the audio material as loud as it can be without going over 0 dBFS. And as for the quieter parts of the same audio file, they...
  8. Goldmidi

    General How To Normalize Audio In FL Studio Using Image-Line's Edison Audio Editor

    To normalize audio in Image-Line's FL Studio (DAW) you have to use FL Studio's Edison audio editor or you can use FL Studio sampler's "precomputed normalization effect" to go around this task. However, for this FL Studio tutorial, we will specifically use the Edison audio editor to normalize an...