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  1. T

    question iZotope, Inc. Ozone Vintage Equalizer go-to settings?

    What are some of your go-to settings in the event that you choose to use iZotope Ozone Vintage EQ particularly for audio mastering?
  2. Numero Uno

    question Does iZotope's Ozone Maximizer have oversampling already enabled?

    Is oversampling enabled in iZotope's Ozone Maximizer by default?
  3. Numero Uno

    question Image-Line's Maximus vs iZotope's Ozone Maximizer?

    Which audio mastering brickwall limiter is better between Image-Line's Maximus and iZotope's Ozone Maximizer?
  4. Borrowdale Barron

    question What is your favorite brickwall limiter?

    What brickwall limiters do y'all like the most and why?