1. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "agree" or "agreed" Example sentences
  2. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "it" Example sentences
  3. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    nau means: "now", "okay" or "m'kay" Double use of nau means "right now", for instance, nau nau. Example:
  4. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    get means: "has", "have" or "had" Another variant of get is git. Example:
  5. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    na means: "is", "it", "it's" or "does" Example:
  6. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    don (or dun) means: "has", "have" or "done" Example usage:
  7. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means "let" or "make" Example sentences Other phrases containing mek En JC Makeup Mekop Make for Mek fah Make over Mek uoba Make it up Mek i op Make use of Mek yuus af Make-believe Mek-biliib Note: Mek or make (whatever spelling you prefer), is also used in JC and it means...
  8. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "is", "be" or "being" Example sentences
  9. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means to spend or indulge in something luxurious Example sentences
  10. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    this is a pejorative term for someone who has no shame in their game and does anything for fame without second-guessing whether their behavior is acceptable or not (i.e., exitus acta probat). And in other words, a textbook example of a yeyebrity is a clout-chaser or a clout demon. Example usage
  11. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "confirm" Example usage:
  12. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "his", or "him" Example sentences Note: Im is also found in Jamaican Creole and it means "he", "him", "she", or "hers". E.g.
  13. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "yours", "that which belongs to you", "for", "in", "on", "into", "onto", or "should" Example sentences
  14. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "where", "which", "who", or "whose" Okay, check out a few examples I've written for you below. Example sentences
  15. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    1: the verb "to be" (i.e., am, are, is, was, and were) 2: "to exist" 3: "they" (i.e., pretty much like same usage in AAVE) Example sentences Note: Yup, this is probably the most used word in pretty much any NPE convo. It is also used in JC. But either as de, day, dey, or deh. For...
  16. Nolwazi Kwayedza

    Naijimbi, naizimbo

    dis miin Nigerian, alternatively som piipl for Zimbabue (ah abroad) dem guh seh Naijimbo rather dahn di faama. It aal dipend for di pesin, alduo Naijimbi ih deh di wan wey dey deh yuus muos a di taim bai Zim piipldem. Haueba, Naizimbo simbly rifa fi a rilieshanship bitwiin aida a Naija man ar...
  17. Lenard

    video Burna Boy - "On The Low" (Official Video)

    Nigerian Afrobeat music artist Burna Boy has released the official music video for his record "On The Low" and it's now available on his official YouTube channel.
  18. Lenard

    video Tiwa Savage - "Tiwa's Vibe" (Myuuzik Vidyo)

    Watch the official music video for Tiwa's Vibe performed by Nigerian Afrobeat recording artist Tiwa Savage.
  19. Borrowdale Barron

    What is Hushpuppi's source of income

    What's the source of Hushpuppi's money? For instance Aliko Dangote we know he is into cement, sugar, and so on, but which business is Hushpuppi into?