1. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    nau means: "now", "okay" or "m'kay" Double use of nau means "right now", for instance, nau nau. Example:
  2. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    get means: "has", "have" or "had" Another variant of get is git. Example:
  3. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    na means: "is", "it", "it's" or "does" Example:
  4. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    don (or dun) means: "has", "have" or "done" Example usage:
  5. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "let" or "make" Note: Mek or make (whatever spelling you prefer), is also used in JC and it means the same thang. So, yeah. Das all I gots to say for now. Example sentences
  6. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "is", "be" or "being" Example sentences
  7. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Tolani - "Badman"

    Christine Olawumi Otedola's nyuu krietiv wok "Badman" it toch pan di mata abaut ou som deijdem aafn diil wid saikalajikal kandieshan iibn wehn deij dem cud duh beta ef dem stei fram a bad oan ina di fos plies. Eniwei, Christine aalsuh did rait pan har suoshal miidia piej abaut dis sang shi seh:
  8. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Princess Wonda - "Bank Stops"

    Princess Wonda (Funmilola Fisher) a UK-based Nigerian recording artist promised her fans on her Instagram page saying she will be dropping a new music video "Banks Stops" and as expected she delivered a new jam with a Latin music influenced bounce to it.
  9. Nolwazi Kwayedza

    Naijimbi, naizimbo

    dis miin Nigerian, alternatively som piipl for Zimbabue (ah abroad) dem guh seh Naijimbo rather dahn di faama. It aal dipend for di pesin, alduo Naijimbi ih deh di wan wey dey deh yuus muos a di taim bai Zim piipldem. Haueba, Naizimbo simbly rifa fi a rilieshanship bitwiin aida a Naija man ar...
  10. Borrowdale Barron

    What is Hushpuppi's source of income

    What's the source of Hushpuppi's money? For instance Aliko Dangote we know he is into cement, sugar, and so on, but which business is Hushpuppi into?
  11. Lenard

    video Falz - "This Is Nigeria" (Music Video)

    Taking inspiration from Childish Gambino's critically acclaimed hit song "This Is America" it turns out Nigerian rapper Falz decided to do a spin-off of Childish Gambino's song by making his own version called "This Is Nigeria". Falz pretty much highlights the level of corruption that is...