432 Hz Conspiracy?


Lenard Maseko
You know the internet is flooded with conspiracy theories, and it doesn't come at surprise that in music we also have this "432 Hz conspiracy" which always escalates things when a discussion of music tuning takes place.

Some would argue by saying music in 432 Hz vibrates with the mind, body and soul while music in 440 Hz dumps you down and is a tool for mind control which mangles your consciousness.

"Yawn!" Should we carry on?

Nonetheless, as a professional musician you should have a reasonable argument in place why you want to make music 432 Hz or 440 Hz.

This will not only help you but saves you time than engaging in the 432 Hz conspiracy.

Now as a professional music producer or artist here are some questions you may want to ask yourself in regards to this 432 Hz conspiracy:
  • If someone created two pieces of music, one tuned to 440 Hz and one tuned to 432 Hz, will you be able to tell which one is which?
  • Does making music in 432 Hz tuning help you to top the charts in whatever genre of music you make?
  • Does making music in 432 Hz tuning increase your profit margins when you release you music?
  • Does making music in 432 Hz tuning increase your fan base as opposed to 440 Hz tuning?
  • Do you really think simple-minded people care about cymatics?

Bla Jedza

What's reason for 432 Hz conspiracy?

Because there are people who are actually think that 440 Hz standard pitch is a musical tuning which was created for the purpose of making people obey the Illuminati or whatever people assume the particular domain of the ruling elite class (i.e. the-powers-that-be).