Gaming Is Esports Competitive Gaming Really A Sport?

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What are y'all oans thoughts on the debate or discussion of whether Esports competitive gaming should be considered a sport just like soccer, rugby, basketball and etc?
Let me start off by saying competitive gaming (esports) is a challenging hard activity I concur.

However, competitive gaming isn't really much of a sport in the traditional sense. To me, the definition of sport is a competitive activity that requires physical exertion e.g. running.

So in summary competitive gaming tournaments are not a sport but that doesn't mean they aren't tough and demanding.
Is archery, or golf not a sport? I'm usually a big detractor of saying that the tolls of eSports can be compared to physical sports, where the toll is equally physical and mental as opposed to eSports which is more mentally draining.

But competitive gamers need coordination and dexterity to make the moves they do. If they were playing a turn-based strategy game like chess, I'd understand, but these players' performances are entirely dependent on their physical dexterity and reaction times.

You can't be a top competitive pro gamer without elite reflexes and hand-eye coordination (heavy on the "hand" part). It's definitely a sport, and some people do end up with injuries (albeit not as serious as Rugby, Boxing, or NFL injuries) like permanently damaged nerves & motor functions in their hands, forearms, and wrists. While the physical exertion is limited, it is still a factor.
I think professional gaming can be considered a "half-sport" because the other half of the definition includes a physical activity in which someone (or a whole team) competes against other opponents where everything is done according to some set of rules.

So although professional gaming is not that extremely physical it definitely involves competition and strictly defined rules put in place in all those competitive gaming leagues.