Question What's The Difference Between Dating and Prostitution?

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Do y'all oans skim if a daige dates an oan for sheets then that soufflé is a njapisi?
Dating is when a daige's mind isn't primarily focused on chidadiso. Sex work is when a daige exchanges her body and time to earn chidadiso.

Here is my conclusion -- if there is no love then the daige is nzenza, point blank period.
What if the roles are reversed? 😏😏
What if the roles are reversed? 😏😏
The oan will probably be a Ben 10 or something in that case.
  • Gold digging is prostitution.
  • To be blessed by a blesser is prostitution.
  • To chow an oan's bag and dipping with the quickness is prostitution.
The question is why is a daige giving you her time of the day in the first place?

When an oan answers himself that he will also be fully aware of what the deal is really about.

By the way, a blessee requires a subscription fee. A njapisi doesn't.
There is a fine line between dating and sex work.

A person's intention is what determines the true nature of the relationship.

Some daiges choose to venture into sex work whilst hiding under the pretext of dating.

Some oans utilize dating as a travesty to empty their sacks on a regular basis with a soufflé who otherwise will decline such an approach unless in the context of a relationship.

Men lie, women lie... nothing is new under the sky. 🤣