Question Why Do Some Recording Artists Bash Their Record Labels On Sosho Media?

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Doesn't it make more sense for recording artists to sort out any issues e.g. royalties, music publishing earnings, song release dates, etc behind the scenes without the need to go live on sosho media talmbout they are being held captive by a record company?
We now live in a world where a company's brand value is also tied to social media reputation.

Smart recording artists know this very well or maybe they aren't that intelligent except it's probably their management team who advised them so.

Anyway, the main objective of putting a record label on full blast on the interwebs is about an artist seeking public sympathy which may lead to an onset of a social media movement to free an artist.

This hurts a record label's reputation to a certain extent of course depending on how strong the movement is.

As a result, future upcoming artists may avoid signing record deals or doing anything with that particular record label because you know the internet never forgets.

They will do a quick Google search about X record label just so they can figure out how that record company treats its current and previous artists.

If they don't like what they see they will sidestep any offers coming from them.
The more influence an artist has the more damage or hit points will be inflicted on a record company's online reputation just like @Bla Jedza pointed out.

However, many record companies DON'T CARE especially if an artist who is putting on a show by throwing a tantrum on Twitter hasn't made a single profit ever since they signed the "overgrown baby.".

They just ignore it — priority in the music industry is given first and foremost to cash cows, not heifers that are still to be milked.
To manipulate a general public's response in their favor by playing the victim. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.