One of the easiest ways to implement “sidechain compression” in FL Studio is through the use of Fruity Limiter which is an audio plugin included in FL Studio. So in order to go around this just follow the following steps:

1. The first step is to route both the instruments you want to sidechain to FL Studio’s mixer.

How to Sidechain in FL Studio using Fruity Limiter_01

2. In this case we want to sidechain the Kick to bass in Fl Studio so that when the Kick drum hits the level of the bass will be attenuated depending on how low you set the threshold, i.e the lower the threshold, the more the ducking (sidechain) effect you will hear.

Load Fruity Limiter as insert effect on the bass mixer track.

 How to Sidechain in FL Studio using Fruity Limiter_02


3. Right click below the bass audio routing path and select the function “sidechain to this track”. This will send a muted key signal to that bass mixer track in particular and will allow you to use the key input signal to trigger the compressor.

How to Sidechain in FL Studio using Fruity Limiter_03


4. Open Fruity Limiter and hover you mouse were there is an option labelled “sidechain”.

Once you have located it, all you have to do is to enable the sidechain input key signal by clicking and dragging on the menu box below the release knob.

And in this instance, set the sidechain input number to 1. Eventually this will let kick drum to trigger the compressor and the volume of the bass will be reduced with every kick drum hit.



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