How to Move Insert Effects on FL Studio’s Mixer


Sometimes you may want to move FL Studio's insert mixer effects such that for example, you can decide that you want the VST delay plugin to go into VST reverb [...]

How to Move Insert Effects on FL Studio’s Mixer2018-03-15T19:21:09+00:00

How to Make Migos T-Shirt Synth Bass Sound using Sylenth1

2018-03-30T10:14:38+00:00 This is a sound design tutorial on how to program a synth bass that's a remake of Migos T-Shirt bass sound. In this scenario we will be using Lennar [...]

How to Make Migos T-Shirt Synth Bass Sound using Sylenth12018-03-30T10:14:38+00:00

What is a Limited Liability Partnership?


A limited partnership is a form of business structure that is similar to a general partnership or traditional partnership but has it's own unique features. The best way to understand [...]

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Spire Sub Bass Presets Essentials X – Free Download


Here at Goldmidi's Sound Design Division we are are proud to release this free soundbank Reveal Sound Spire soundbank which contains 10 essential sub bass presets. The sounds can be [...]

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The Most Important Financial Statements


The key financial statements that summarize important quantitative information about a company are as follows: The Balance Sheet The Income Statement The Statement of Cash flows The Statement of Retained [...]

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Definition of a Home Business


A home-based business refers to a business structure that is located at the same property at which the business owner lives e.g at a house or an apartment. Home business [...]

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What is a Trading Edge?


When it comes to day trading or swing trading a trading edge is simply a set of rules and conditions that have to be met for a trader to be [...]

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