Noob FAQ – Why Does Serum Use So Much CPU?

If you have noticed huge CPU spikes when using Serum the simple reason is that you probably have a slower CPU processor. And that's without even considering the number of [...]

How to Make An Electric Piano in Sylenth1

In this sound design tutorial we will be making a simple electric piano using Sylenth1. Of course you can follow along with another synthesizer if you like. As always the [...]

How to Make an Electric Piano in u-he Hive

This sound design will show you how to make a simple electric piano in u-he Hive. You can always apply the same techniques with your favorite synthesizer. So feel free [...]

How to Make a Sub Bass in Spire

This is a sound design tutorial on how to make a sub a bass using Reveal Sound Spire. It's quite frankly a beginner friendly tutorial so you don't need to [...]

Serum Sound Design Tutorial – Sub Bass

This Serum sound design tutorial will cover how to make a sub bass. You can apply the same techniques using your favorite soft synth. The concepts of making a sub [...]

How to Make a Sub Bass in Massive

In this sound design tutorial we will make a simple sub bass in Massive. A sub bass is one of the most basic if not the easiest sounds to make. [...]

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