How to Make a Soft Synth Pad using Sylenth1

This sound design tutorial is about using Lennar Digital Sylenth1 VST virtual synthesizer to design a soft and mellow synth pad. Watch this synth programming tutorial and learn a thing [...]

How to Make a Dark Synth Piano using Sylenth1

This sound design tutorial shows you how to make a dark synth piano using the virtual synthesizer Lennar Digital Sylenth1. You don't necessarily need to be a sound synthesis genius [...]

The Difference Between Sylenth1 and Serum

The major difference between Sylenth1 and Serum is that Sylenth1 is primarily a virtual analog subtractive synthesizer (VA synthesizer), while Serum is mainly a "wavetable synthesizer". However, Serum is not only limited [...]

How to Make An Electric Piano in Sylenth1

In this sound design tutorial we will be making a simple electric piano using Sylenth1. Of course you can follow along with another synthesizer if you like. As always the [...]