If you are a very busy artist that gets booked a lot and does shows frequently but has the ambition to start a record label. You have  to understand that it will be in your best interest to make time for both your creative process as an artist and the management of your record label.

In most cases as an artist, you will not be there for the day-to-day running of the record label. Hence, it makes sense for you to hire a professional business manager to act in your interests as a CEO for your record label.

The most important thing is also to make sure that the person you hire to be the CEO for your record label isn’t your manager as an artist too.

You don’t want an individual who does multiple jobs but instead you want an experienced person who has knowledge about the business of music and is prepared to focus on the employee’s obligation of running your record label efficiently.

The Role of the Business Manager or CEO for Your Record Label

The main role for the business manager or CEO for your record label is mainly the development and planning of your record company’s long term strategy with the purpose of creating shareholder value in the same process.

The business manager or CEO of your record label would also act as a liaison between you as the board member and the grievances that other employees have, including the artists signed to your record label.

Finally another role that the CEO of your record company will have is to hire necessary members of staff and to make sure these members of staff are working towards your interests as the record label owner.

In a nutshell, the CEO of your record label you can think of them as your right-hand person because when you are a very busy artist they are the ones who are holding it down for you whilst you are touring and making appearances all over the world. They play a crucial role to the success of your record label.

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