A pressing and distribution deal is a type of agreement in the music business were usually a major record label undertakes the role of manufacturing CDs, Vinyl records e.t.c and distributes them to the market on behalf of an independent record label.

And in that due process the independent record label will be fully responsible with looking after the record contract needs of the artist from music production costs, promotion and marketing.

On the other hand the major record label that is only responsible with manufacturing records and distributing them will make money by charging a distribution fee and manufacturing costs on each sale they make on the record.

Pressing and Distribution Deals in the Modern Music Business

With the progress of modern digital technology it has come to the point were the profitability of pressing CDs and making Vinyl records has been on a rapid decline.

The contemporary forms of music consumption now relies heavily on interactive music streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and Amazon music. This means the probability of an independent record label setting up a pressing and distribution deal with a major record label is quite frankly zero to none.

There is no point to make CDs when the target audience is either using YouTube or Spotify as a platform to listen to new music releases. But instead it makes more sense to monetize music videos on YouTube and get the new material on Spotify or Apple Music for the other listeners as well.

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