The main reason why hard clipping distortion isn’t the most pleasant and desirable form of distortion is because it produces harsh sounding in-harmonic partials whilst the overshoots or peaks are abruptly flattened.

In fact there’s nothing more cruel you could do to your music than to deliberately introduce digital hard clipping unless if that’s actually part of your artistic signature sound.

Nevertheless, a useful scenario were you could use hard clipping is when you are mixing individual tracks and that would be strictly for sound design purposes only.

But as for mastering hard clipping will certainly ruin the entire project and for this reason it’s often not recommended to hard clip your music, although some musicians could really careless.

Furthermore you should also remember that pushing a brickwall limiter far too hard in gain reduction will produce hard clipping artifacts. So err on the side of caution when playing around with those addictive limiters or maximizers.

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