432 Hertz FL Studio Template

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We have made this FL Studio Template to help you get started if you want to make music in 432 Hz frequency tuning.

All you have to do is load this 432 hertz FL Studio Template, and if you are skeptical about the tuning you can always proceed to check if the reference note A is set to 432 Hz using a VST tuning plugin, e.g a VST Guitar Tuner plugin of your choice.

Furthermore, for curious minds who are new to the scenario of tuning FL Studio to 432 Hz. You just have to know that the task of tuning FL Studio can be done simply by dragging FL Studio’s Master pitch slider down to -32 cents from it’s default set position.

NOTE: Although there is so much hype about 432 Hz tuning having some sort of supernatural healing qualities to your soul. Bear in mind that a boring musical composition or orchestration can NOT be solved simply by tuning FL Studio to 432 Hz. The same applies to a bad mix or mastering session. We hereby advise you that you don’t rely on FL Studio’s 432 Hertz tuning to be a savior of all your music problems.

Of course, 432 Hz frequency can impress some of those music audiophiles. Just remember that some music listeners can never be bothered to check if the music they are listening to has been composed with a Verdi A tuning of 432 Hz. Instead these type of listeners will give your music a few seconds to listen to the beat and if they like it they won’t even bother whether the music is in 440 Hz tuning or 432 Hz but will just vibe with it.

Download This 432 Hertz FL Studio Template Tuning

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